Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Random Thoughts About Work...

At about 8.30am today, a colleague said to me “it is too late to greet Chioma”. That struck me, and I got to thinking…random thoughts about work.


Richard Templar wrote and I quote, “there is a vast amount of politics, gossip, games-manship, time wasting, and socializing that goes on in the name of work. It isn’t work!” I’ve only worked for five ‘real’ employers all my life – but I daresay this is true everywhere! “Hello” here, “yello” there; “how are your kids” here, “how is your dog” there – and another day is gone!

Am I saying it is wrong to socialize at work and keep tabs on Daniel’s night life? Oh no! We spend a lot of time at work and it is totally important to make great friends there and have fun doing what we do. Furthermore, I totally understand and sympathize with people who work at jobs they don’t (or no longer) like – and for whom gossip is a form of escape; but this is worth serious thought if you still enjoy what you do and want to do it better.

More focus, less gossip – and you’ll already have a big advantage.


Microsoft Excel is the best thing since sliced bread! Feel free to quote me anywhere.

Nearly any tasks that require you to work with data can be made easier by the right Excel functions, and a well written Macro can save you lots of time! Need to send a report to a Distribution List 8am sharp every Monday? Excel can do this by ITSELF! Need to identify which Distributor/Category combination is dragging your sales down? Try some Excel analysis. Need to do absolutely anything with data? You can do it easier, faster, and with more quality using the right Excel functions!

It is not enough to be able to use SUM, AVERAGE, and RANGE. Money or time spent learning Excel is not wasted. Trust me on this one.

The combination of a Weekly Priorities list and a daily to-do list is a weapon of mass destruction. Again, quote me anywhere!

People who work in “service” roles might identify with this much easier than others. In the myriad of requests for intervention I get every day, it is amazingly easy to lose sight of priorities and long-term strategic moves.
I have found that a weekly priorities list that ties into my longer-term, more strategic document; combined with a daily to-do list that links into this weekly priority list – helps me achieve a lot more and go home feeling like I did valuable work. There are days when I can’t help getting dragged into an unending spiral of requests – but mostly, I stick to the plan and go home happy…

And, writing down tasks you have completed already just so you can cross them out? Please feel free! I do this too, and it totally gives me the shakes!


Remember: Focus. Microsoft Excel. To-do lists.



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  1. Interesting stuff. To-do lists almost always work for me....