Monday, November 04, 2013

Been Long You Saw Me... :)

Between September 29 when I posted my last update and today, I have started (and quit writing) at least five different posts. As is always the case, the longer I go without posting an update – the more difficult it is to complete a post… There are a lot of random things on my mind, so I’ll just share a few of them in no particular order – and hopefully I’ll get my groove back after this one.

That's me holding the red trash-carriers :)
NYSC ended about a month ago, and I’ve had lots of time to reflect on the one year of compulsory national service. Overall, it was one great year.

I started the year with a lot of resentment stemming from the fact that I had to teach, but only a few months into service all the negative emotion was gone. My kids at Ogudu Senior Grammar School were adorable (well, mostly), and I feel proud to say that I invested my time in the future of Nigeria.

It was fun to lead the Lagos State Sanitation CDs group (Special CDs). You know, you get a different perspective to life when you stuff your Degree away and get dirty cleaning gutters at Ajegunle. By the way, those who say Ibadan is dirty absolutely need to visit Ajegunle!

Would I do it again if I had a choice? Honestly I’m not so sure. But it has come and gone, and I can move on.

These are a few of my favorite kids :) :)

My favorite Nike poster!
A few days ago, I printed this poster and stuck it to my workstation. Stickler that I am for frugal decor, it is the only thing I’ve got displayed up there.

I won’t mince words – procrastination kills! Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is a promise – today is all we have. If you’re like me and you get bored of stuff super-easily, then you need to join me in being more conscious about day-day life.

Quit saying tomorrow, that’s what you said yesterday. Dance in the rain! Tell your mom you love her!! Fire off that proposal!!! Just freaking do it!

Books and wrist-watches...a few of my favorite things :) :)
David and Goliath, Malcolm Gladwell’s latest book, is a great read!

Simply put: David beat Goliath because, well, David was an underdog! LOL. Well, you get the point… Underdogs sometimes win! In fact, Underdogs win MOST of the time – IF they choose to fight unconventionally! Did you think David stood a chance against Goliath in Saul’s armor? Oh no!

Break the rules, refuse to conform; your seeming disadvantages just might turn out to be advantages. You just might stand a chance against the Goliaths you’re up against.

My new-found blogger friend, Teni inspired me to finally blog again! Thanks Teni!

I hope I’ve got my groove back.

Cheers to the rest of the week :)