Thursday, May 23, 2013

Things We Do For Love - The End

This (final) episode contains POV paragraphs from Feyi and Mofesola. In keeping with our usual trend, Feyi is speaking in real-time while Mofesola is describing past events. To make it easier to read, I have uploaded Mofe's paragraphs in bold typeface - versus Feyi's paragraphs which are in normal typeface.

This episode is continued from Episode 1 here, 2 here, 3 here, 4 here, 5 here, 6 here, and 7 here.

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I had never been more surprised in my entire life.

After five years of searching endlessly, of walking round Lagos till I knew enough to correct street names on Google Maps, of borrowing money from Feyi to buy countless shirts and ties, I had a job! And not just any job, but like the MFM Pastor said, it was “isé tó maa tán ìsé”.

I did not even know where to start from. Should I call my parents first? Should I call Andrew and ask him to swear that this was not an elaborate joke? Should I borrow four hundred naira to activate weekly BIS and read the email for myself? Should I head for the nearest church and shout twenty-four hallelujahs? Should I dance naked – like I once swore to do?

I could not even scream, dance, or leap for joy. I would have done all those two or three years before. All I wanted to do was sit there and reflect on the past five years.

My phone rang again after a few moments, punctuating my reverie.

“This man where are you?” It was Alhaji.

“Ah, Alhaji. I’ve found her.”

“And you couldn’t…”

“Sorry Alhaji. I’ll call you back.” I said, cutting him short and terminating the call. This was my moment. He had no business sharing it with me.

I am running; running very fast. My feet hurt because I left my shoes in that run-down hotel room. I hear a car honk inside my head. I jump. I fall. I hit my head.

I open my eyes.

I am lying in a hospital bed and my body aches all over. I feel a throb in my head, my mouth tastes like sawdust, and I cannot feel my right leg below the knee. Suddenly it all comes back to me. I was hit by a car and I landed awkwardly on my right leg. I immediately clamp my eyes shut. I am afraid to look for the fear that I may have lost the leg. I start to cry, again.

After what seems like an eternity, I find the strength to open my eyes. I slowly tilt my neck downwards and stop just short of where I expect my toes to be. After a brief pause, I clench my fists and look down in a sudden motion. I nearly shout for joy when I see my toes, all ten of them. I break into a smile, and I swear I can see them smile back at me.

I try to call a nurse, but the words will not form. My throat feels sore and my breath is coming out in rasps. I want water, but there is no one in the room; and I cannot get up from this bed if my life depends on it.


“Why are you sitting on the ground?” Nurse Toyin asked from behind me, her tone of voice conveying bewilderment. Before I could leap to my feet, she added “She’s awake now”, and walked away briskly – shaking her head as she went. I felt no embarrassment, however; only I knew what God had done for me.

I dusted off the dirt from the seat of my jeans trousers, then headed off after her. Walking in silence behind her, I made my way through the labyrinth of passages and arrived at the door to Feyi’s ward after a few moments.

“You have five minutes. She needs to rest.” Toyin said, and disappeared into a small room close by. Her concise manner with words was slightly unnerving, but again – I did not care. God have given me a job and He had kept my Feyi safe for me. What else could I want?
I put on my poker face and slowly made my way into the room.


Someone is coming in. My eyes are closed so I cannot see the person, but the footfalls sound familiar. The person is placing more of their weight on one leg, so the footfalls do not sound even. Just as I am about to open my eyes to confirm if it is who I think it is, I hear his deep and musical voice.

“Baby, are you awake?”

My heart immediately begins an elaborate dance, skipping beats at random. A swarm of butterflies flutters through my stomach. The throbbing in my head ebbs to an imperceptible low. Only Mofesola can do this to me. I open my eyes slowly and smile at him.

“Sweetheart, how are you?” He asks. I see the worry in his eyes. I know he is dying to ask what happened. I wonder how I will explain all this to him. I continue to smile, my eyes drinking in the dim light of the ward.

“Some Alhaji called. He told me about two men chasing you. Are you safe here?”

Oh wow. The fair Alhaji with the broken tooth must have retrieved my phone. Mofesola knows more than he should already. This is not good.

“I’m fine Mofe. I ache all over, but the worst is now past.” I finally find the strength to talk.

I can see that he is dying to tell me something. His eyes have a glow they have not had in years.

“Baby, what is it?” I ask, smiling again.

“Sweetheart, I got a job. General Electric” he says, suddenly bursting into tears.

I want to shout, to scream; I want to leap for joy, to throw my arms around his neck. I want to kiss him senseless, till we are both breathless and he begs me to stop. But I cannot. At least, not yet; not while my leg hurts so badly.

“Come here.” I say to him after a while, breaking the unnerving silence. He comes close enough to lay his head on my heaving chest, and I put my arms around him.

After what seems like an eternity, he says – “the two men…” Poor Mofesola. He must be worried sick for my safety. And surely, it does not help that he is clueless about the situation. I immediately know what I must say to him.

“They were thieves. They were after my handbag.”



  1. wow...Lovely!! should write a book!

  2. wow...lovely!!! you should write a book!

  3. Dolapo kehinde24 May 2013 at 06:10

    Such an end!

  4. Dolapo kehinde24 May 2013 at 06:13

    Such an end!

  5. *standing ovation* I didn't expect anything short of this epic end. Well done boo, great story as always! I look forward to reading this to our babies someday and say "Daddy wrote the story" ;) ;)

  6. I LOVE this. I appreciate your style particularly, and I really learnt a lot from it. I'm a writer also, I'm currently writing a serial just like this. I'm a beginner, and I'm always willing to learn from those ahead of me.

    Pls visit my blog, read my story and present a critical assessment of it. I want to improve as a writer, and I believe there are few tips you can help me with.

    Here's the link:

    Thanks bro. God bless you.

  7. This one is wow! More Power bro!

  8. Wow! Finally. But I want to believe she needn't lie to him. Well, maybe for the time being sha and tell him the truth later. This' 'cuz the truth will eventually turn up due to the kind of person Rotimi is. He may later taunt Mofe with the situation. However, I enjoyed this and I'm grateful for the tags. Well done, bro.

  9. Wow! Finally. But I want to believe she needn't lie to him. Well, maybe for the time being sha and tell him the truth later. This' 'cuz the truth will eventually turn up due to the kind of person Rotimi is. He may later taunt Mofe with the situation. However, I enjoyed this and I'm grateful for the tags. Well done, bro.

  10. Wow!dis is awesome.grt job bro.expectin more 4rm u

  11. This should not end here. There are many thing that could be fixed in-between and after the story but, this is a great job. Very good and insightful imaginations!!! You could actually do a novel with this.