Friday, May 10, 2013

Things We Do For Love - One

As I run, in a daze, towards the bus stop, I become aware of the rain. It is pouring in sheets, white sheets, and I must wipe my face with my hands after every few strides to maintain a semblance of visibility. The water soaks through my clothes thoroughly, causing my chiffon blouse to achieve a degree of transparency ordinarily reserved for glass. I glance down at the swell of my breasts, accentuated by the contrast between my black bra and my now-transparent blouse, and I am suddenly grateful that the young men gathered on the street to play football a few moments ago have been dispersed by the rain.

My luxuriant hair, originally combed backwards, is now matted; loose strands find their way into my eyes and cause my eyelids to snap shut in reflex. My eyes hurt, but I am not sure if this is from hair-oil getting into my eyes or the incessant tears. By now I have cried non-stop for about ten minutes. I am grateful for the rain, because it swallows up my tears like drops in a big river. The smell of wet sand from the very first rains of the year fills the air, reminding me of childhood in Ibadan. I want to stop and savor it, but I cannot. All I want to do now is get away from here; far, far away.

My feet hurt. In my crazed dash for safety, I have forgotten to wear shoes. I aim my leading foot for a puddle and feel the cold water calm my sole for a split second. I cannot stop to attend to my feet, I will not stop. I run past the stall of the fair Alhaji with the broken tooth. He waves wildly at me. He beckons, offering safe haven from the rain. I pretend not to see him and lope past. I will not stop running until I get to Mofesola. I will hug him tight and bury my head in his chest. His fragrance will fill my nostrils and his arms will hold me close. Only he can make this right.

I manage a glance backwards and my heart nearly jumps into my mouth. I see two dark forms, with umbrellas, only a few paces away. I panic, and drop my Blackberry onto the road. I cannot stop to pick it, I will not stop. I breathe deeply and gather my energy into one last burst of speed. I am so close to the junction now. I will not let myself be caught. I will not let them take me.

A car honks loudly from somewhere behind me. The sound seems to come from inside my head. As my neck turns of its own accord, I know that it is too late. The car is too close, and there is not enough space for the driver to brake without hitting me. It is futile, but I jump. I draw my legs in under me and lift my body off the road. The car rams into me and I collapse backwards onto the bonnet. I try to take the impact with my arms, but my head hits hard against the bonnet. I taste blood, sticky and warm, in my mouth.

As I slip into unconsciousness, I can only think of Mofesola. Mofesola, my Mofesola, my lover with the beautiful rabbit teeth.

(Episode End) 

Welcome to my first serial story of the year 2013. I am really excited about this one, and I am sure you will love it too. Just keep calm and go with the flow. :D. Be sure to drop a comment, or at least - like the note if you love the story. And please be nice - share!!!

This post is continued here (Part Two).


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  1. This is a very good piece Koye. I can't wait to savor the rest of the story. Thumbs up for this.