Saturday, April 13, 2013

Reinvent Yourself: Ship!!! (5/7)

Henry Ford said, “You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do”. If you haven’t heard that before, think about it for a second and let it sink in. Those words are as true today as they were decades ago when they were first spoken. Nobody remembers the guy who was going to do something; history remembers the guy who DID SOMETHING!

How many of us know guys who are always talking about the next big thing, but who never actually get anything done? Show of hands please! Now let’s bring that closer home: how many of us have spent hours talking about dreams – but have not taken any steps to make them happen? If you have…cover your face with your hands! (I just covered mine too!)

One of the most important keys to the reinvention of who you are, is to become someone who ships – someone who gets things done!

The ability to ship is very, very SCARCE! That is why we have an abundance of young people who spend their every waking hour reading self-help books, and sometimes the Bible – and still appear to be stuck in a rut! They are not DOING! “We all ought to become doers of the word, and not hearers only – deceiving only our own selves!”

At some point in Ife, I realized I knew what exactly I needed to do to get straight A’s – but I never got straight A’s because I never did those things! Did I want straight A’s? Yes! Was I dissatisfied with my grades at some point? Yes! Did I know what I needed to do? Yes! Did I do it? No!!!

It follows everywhere…that if you can get something out the door while your competitors cringe in fear, you win. If you’re the team member that makes things happen while others obsess over PowerPoint presentations, you become indispensable. If you ship – do – execute – you win!

Shipping is sometimes difficult because of the ‘lizard brain’. If you push your ‘art’ onto the market, you might fail; if you fail, we might laugh at you – so the ‘lizard brain’ shuts you down! But you need to acknowledge the ‘lizard’, and then go on and ship your product!

Don’t spend all your days reading posts like this and learning to ship. Don’t spend all your days talking about how to ship. Don’t even decide to ship! Just ship!!! Execute!!! Do!!!

That’s all!


PS: Excerpts and paraphrases from Seth Godin's manifesto are reproduced in Bold print.

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