Monday, January 14, 2013

Thoughts on the singing of Christian songs at Assemblies of Public Schools

This morning, I resumed at the secondary school where I'll be spending some quality time every week teaching Mathematics and Further Mathematics, two important subjects by any standard... More on that in another post.

Standing at the assembly, I am struck by something odd: the teachers leading the assembly are singing Christian songs - but some of the students appear to be Muslim.

For a public Secondary school, I think this is wrong. Surely, in a school funded by taxpayer money - and not run by a Mission or a Church, it must be wrong to 'force' Muslim students to partake in Christian worship.

And before the naysayers start - yes, maybe I am too liberal in my opinions. *picks race*



  1. I think dts d way it is in many public schools,well,dts d way it is in my school too,bt dy allocate fridays to d muslim teachers and students

    1. Interesting... Yes, that is the way it is in many public schools, but it is wrong. Your school is a perfect example for me: Muslim students are made to partake in Christian worship Monday - Thursday; and the reverse is the case on Fridays... Not good for a supposedly Secular nation.

  2. KOYE, it is wrong by whose standards...and who are you first and foremost? some f those songs have saved some of those students at dire moments in their lives when nothing works anymore by reason of all they've been taught..and a supposedly forgotten pry/sec song comes to mind and they find God.
    A Christian is not permitted to be "liberal" sir. One of the major reasons why the world is heading the way it is,is cos we took Christ out of the fundamental training of kids. Placing reason over God's scheme is at the heart of Idolatry. baby bro, BEWARE

  3. As a Moslem parent who has two daughters in a public secondary school, I feel qualified to respond to your comment. My kids are made (Koye note the right word is 'made', not 'forced'. You cannot force people to worship.) to participate in Christian worship every day of the week.

    I respect Christianity as a religion, but I am a committed Moslem and I earnestly beseech Allah for the saving of my Christian friends.

    I think Koye is right. On the flip side, how would you react if your own children were made to participate in Moslem worship at an impressionable age?

    O, I forgot. Christians tend to think that theirs is the ONLY morally upright way.

  4. I fink its wrong too. I attended a public school and I think they got it right. For starters, we didn't av assemblies everyday. It was on Mon, Wed and Fri. Dere was nuffin religious about Mon and Wed assemblies.We didn't sing any kind of songs, I can't even rmemba if we prayed. But Wednessday assemblies were purely religious. Students were divided in2 d two groups and d assemblies were held @ different venues @ d same time. Dis way nobody was forced 2 'practise' anoda religion. I fink other public skuls shuld adopt this.