Monday, January 14, 2013

Part Two: Thoughts on the Singing of Christian songs at assemblies of Public Schools

Sequel to my post this morning on the singing of Christian songs at the assemblies of Public Schools, a number of friends have asked what I suggest be done in place of the current arrangement. A few more have also argued in favor of the current arrangement...

My responses below:

To my largely Christian friends who argue that there is nothing wrong with forcing Muslim students to partake in Christian worship at Assemblies, I pose the following scenario: your kid, at a Public Secondary School (yes, Nigerian Education shall rise again :d) - forced to partake in Muslim worship because the Principal is a Muslim. How is that for a reciprocal?

As to what can be done, I suggest that all schools simply adapt the second stanza of the national anthem (which has already been declared the national prayer), and meditation sessions (where student representatives talk about themes such as faith, integrity, truth, etc) be deployed.

I am not an Education professional, but those are my two cents...



  1. I support your two cents whole heartedly :)

  2. I whole heartily support this