Sunday, March 25, 2012

The story of a woman who died trying to win her husband's affection

I just read the most chilling story online. It is a Sunday morning, but I am just sad.

Why do evil things happen?

"... Kevin, you  had again become very impatient with me. My fears were fully alive again. The  battles it seemed I had won were again in full rage. My husband, in your irritable impatience and anger, you told me to my face that our son, my Kamsi,  was worthless to you. You said he was abnormal. You said that our daughter, my Amanda, was a girl and that you had no need for a girl child because she would  someday be married off. I remember, in pain, that you didn’t attend Amanda’s christening because you were upset with me. You told me your mother was more important to you than “THESE THINGS” I brought to your house. You were referring to our children, were you not? “THESE THINGS”. ..."

Why do good women fall in love with 'bad' men? Why do the bad guys get the great girls (at least, most of the time)? Why do good women spend lots and lots of time trying to gain the validation of men that don't even deserve them?

"...Recalling the abusive words,  the spitting, the beating, the bruising, the knifing, and the promise that I  would not live long for daring to forget to buy garden eggs for your mother, an  insult you vowed I would pay for with my life ……., I knew then it was over for  me. There was no rationalizing needed any longer. Even the blind could see ………. You did not want me in your life..."

Why do some men pander to their mother's demands at the expense of their wife's happiness and well-being? Why do some men treat good women like dirt?

"... Kevin, do you remember that on  my return I gave you a pair of shoes I had bought for you? Kevin, my husband, do  you remember hurling those shoes at me? Kevin, do you remember me breaking down  in tears? Kevin, do you remember me asking you that night, many times over, why  you hated me so much, what I had done to make you hate me as much as you did?..."

For the good guys out there, I must also say that it takes a lot of work to remain 'good'. I am pretty sure a lot of work goes into keeping a relationship going strong... A lot of maturity, perseverance... A willingness to overlook small issues such as whether she presses the toothpaste tube at the middle or at the end (for God's sake, just buy TWO!). A willingness to confront issues as they arise, not leaving any bruises to fester and turn into open wounds...

It feels good to be in love with the woman of your dreams, but it takes work to stay that way till death do you both part.

Please follow the link and read the full letter.

You know, the sad part is that this Kevin guy is definitely going to marry somebody else. Would her sacrifice have been worth it in the end?

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