Sunday, March 25, 2012

20,000 Pageviews

So, I finally hit (and passed) the 20,000 pageviews mark today - on my 100th post.

Blogging has been fun, trust me.

From my  first post  quoted by another blog and published on Helium, to my recent rant about Nigerian churches and their Universities - my writing has sure come a long way. From my first post in the Theatre of the Absurd series to my controversial (at least on facebook) post on Homosexuals, Corruption, and Misdirected Energies - I have not for once ceased to exhibit my affinity for controversy.

What I have tried to do in this blog is articulate my opinion. I am not always right, but I have always been a proponent of being sincerely wrong if you are wrong at all. Life is in stages, and at every stage we learn more and know more than we did previously. I have never hesitated to form strong opinions and stand by them, supporting my belief that taking responsibility for your choices often requires more strength you need to make the choices in the first place.

It is very hard for me to draw up a list of my favorite posts, because a part of me has found expression in every one of them...but if I really had to choose five - I would pick the following:

1. For the Love of Nigeria (October 1, 2009; an emotional outburst on the many issues that plague the Nigerian state).
2. Nigerian Christendom: a Misguided Sense of Neutrality (March 12, 2010; another outburst - this one on the continued neutrality of the Nigerian church).
3. Theatre of the Absurd IV: INEC Goofed! (April 4, 2011; written on hearing that INEC had postponed the elections by one week - and gave rise to one of my most classic paragraphs ever).
4. Istoria: A Yahoo Boy and His Murano (Part Two) (June 13, 2011; a widely popular story of, well, a yahoo boy and his murano. :D)
5. Theatre of the Absurd VI: Of Bomb Blasts, Policemen, and Presidents (August 26, 2011; written after the Abuja bombings).

I'd also like to throw in the following two, published on the Daily Times blog:
1. The Problem With Church Universities (March 3, 2012; inspired by the news of the completion of MFM's Mountain Top University).
2. Bridging the Chasm between Government and the Governed (January 10, 2012; inspired by happenings during the fuel subsidy removal protests).

Let's drink a toast, to 30,000 more pageviews within the next two years!

Thank you, for making this happen!

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