Friday, November 26, 2010

Theatre of the Absurd II

Only a few minutes ago, the Federal High Court of Appeal sitting in Oyo State overturned the election of Olagunsoye Oyinlola as the Governor of Osun State, appointing Rauf Aregbesola of the ACN instead.

Well, it is sad that this sort of decision is being made this late - almost at the end of Oyinlola's stolen second tenure as Governor. Seeing as this seems to have become the order of the day, urgent steps must be taken to prevent people from serving up to three years of a term without having being legally elected.

I am of the opinion that justice is still justice, no matter how delayed it might be - but the time has come to adjust the terms under which this particular justice is served. It is outright unfair to only send these imposters out of office, punishments must be meted out to those deserving of it.

INEC officials who went on to make wrong declarations in the face of contrary evidence and people found guilty of complicity in these ignominious happenings must all be made to face the wrath of the law - at least as a means of deterrence.

This spells another good one for the courts, at least. It further shows that the Nigerian Legal System is taking bolder steps to assert its independence of the ruling party - and that is a good one for the populace at large.

Here comes the curtain on the reign of the PDP in Osun State, and it furthermore spells an end to the ambition of Omisore to govern the state - at least he now has to wait four more years. Given that it is almost certain that Aregbesola will do a better job at governing the state than Oyinlola did, and that the PDP will not be as strong in 2014 as it is now - then he just might have to wait longer than that.

Taken together, these court judgments across states in Nigeria spell the end of the second act - in the theatre of the absurd. It is time for Nigeria to move on!

Let's do this, shall we?

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  1. Oh really. I didn't even know that. Well that's a positive step forward. Yeah justice is still justice regardless of the delay. But like you said, sometimes naija's justice can be very depressing. Things undoubtedly need to be different in naija.

    So you really think PDP's stronghold is weakening?

    Hopefully Aregbesola does a better job than Omisore, else it'll just be futile justice.

  2. Shade, maybe PDP is not weakening acros Nigeria, but their stranglehold on the South West is gone. What remains is for the opposition (particularly AC) to field strong candidates in the next elections in Oyo, Ogun and Kwara states - and the tide will turn against PDP.

    See, at this point Nigeria needs a breath of fresh air. We need options. Any party other than PDP is better so far as the people of Osun are concerned, and they have gotten their wish.

    Of a truth, Aregbesola has a point to prove, so he has to make these nxt 4 years worth it, so that the AC can use their achievements in Lagos (and possibly the other states) as campaign points.

    As per the presidency, except someone else gets the party ticket from PDP, GJ will motst likely win the elections - except something drastic happens. From my perspective, and that of most of the people I have spoken with - GJ might not even rig to win. Really.

    Let's see how it goes. Yeah, and thanks for stopping by!!!

  3. I don't know the Oyo State governor, and prior to reading this, I knew nothing of how he stole his public office seat.

    But I did promise to stop by. I don't always keep my promises. But thank God, I managed to keep this one.

    Nice blog :-)

  4. maybe PDP is not weakening acros Nigeria