Tuesday, March 09, 2010


This article is every bit for me as it is for you!

As is usual when I have not written in quite a while, I have way too many things running on my mind and picking one is sort of a Herculean task.

So, I am in Lagos for Industrial Attachment, but for me, this is a great opportunity to work for myself. I have been studying PHP for quite a while, and this is a time to hone my skills. I have this funny sensation of loving Lagos, and hating it at the same time. I love the new environment, the diversity, staying in Wale’s house, and meeting 2 of my cousins for the first time. At the same time, I hate the incessant traffic jams, the crowd of humanity that seems to dog every step I make, the heat, and the oppressive carbon monoxide tinged smell of the air.

Well, I miss my family, Durodola Folarin, Malik, school, the Adios, Lamide, amongst many others. So, I am trying to make the most of my stay, and that means visiting new places and meeting new people – which you cannot do if you have to go to work. If you know me personally, you have a pretty good idea what I have been doing anyway. Kemi Okunogbe sure knows which one I would pick out of the two, at least for now!

My ‘boss’ is quite nice, a brilliant Mechanical Technician named Patrick. He is quite good with his hands, and he has taken it upon himself to educate ‘the boy from the university’. Unfortunately, the harder he tries to teach me his stuff, the more I realize that I absolutely do not want to spend the rest of my life dealing with heavy machinery. Since I have always been a computer person, I guess I’ll just stick with programming, and robotics. Yeah and by the way, I fell and almost hit my head on Thursday – guess what happened. I was scared silly by the sound of an air compressor coming on. Geez, I have a pathological fear of anything with big moving parts! Needless to say, I packed my stuff and hit the road immediately!

I have also come to find that people like Patrick, and others like him who work in ‘workshops’ across the country are the ones who hold one of the most important keys to the industrial development of this country. Spending the past few days listening to him, and trying to understand his psyche has been really enlightening. These guys are the ones who need electricity, the ones who need subsidies and tax breaks, and NOT those thieves in custom tailored tuxedos!!! These guys are the real Mechanical Technicians, the real building block in the Industrial sector of Nigeria. These guys are the ones who really need the bank loans that those IDIOTS are stealing to enrich themselves and rundown Nigeria! These guys are the ones who REALLY NEED help and investment.

Yeah, I came up with this idea to change the world, but I am keeping it close to my chest for now – till I get to talk to the right person, Taiwo Adio. If you know him, then you just might have an idea what my idea is about. Ok, let me give you a hint – it has something to do with computers and the internet. Look out; it just might be the next big thing to hit web servers across the world, following in the steps of google and facebook!!!

Last week Friday, I finally got to see my aunt, 8 years after the last time we saw. She has this really cute baby boy, Daniel, and I met another one of my cousins – Bunmi. OMG, Bunmi can be so impish – but I find that I love her for it!!! And to add the icing to the cake, my mom’s name is Bunmi too… Looking forward to rocking the world with her!!!

I have been reading about Jos, and this time around – I find that I have to embark on the ‘ultimate’ search to find the courage to research and then write about the happenings in the Plateau. For now, all that I can say is that Mr. Jang should RESIGN!!! Or what further proof of his failure as a governor does he require?

I am seeking to empower people with information that could change their life o! If you are interested in discovering a fun way to make really cool passive income, get access to awesome discounts and bargain prices, and win one all-expense paid vacation per year (the ones you dream about o, not the ones you can afford), then you can drop me an email at It’s really cool, believe me.

Ok, the tap is flowing again, and I can get to work on something I can tag personal development, nation building, or Nigeria. The drought is broken, and the desert is coming to life again…
I’ll be back. Try not to miss me too much.

My own Queen Latifah (the one who lives around Fodacis, if you know what I mean), thanks for getting in touch... I really appreciate it, and it probably sounds odd - but I have missed you - and its good to have you back!

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  1. JJC in lag,at least i now know that u'v tasted 'life in lagos'.u sure should have a beta answer for "can u live in lagos".kING Latifah,...sha enjoy lagos lyf wyl it lasts....