Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I love my DADDY!

I love my daddy!

That is one statement that I used to find hard to admit, and even more awkward to say to his face (I have not found the strength to say it to his face yet, thank God for text messages), but I sit here – about to leave home again – and I cannot help admitting that I love the man whose genes I carry.

Well, I love my brother too, and I love my sister, and most of all – I love my mommy!

I got home late on Sunday evening, and here I am on Tuesday afternoon – packing my bags and going back again. I cannot help asking myself if it is really that important that I leave, if it really is that important that I go back to ‘whence I cometh from’ – and leave my family behind.

My brother is taller and bigger than he was the last time I saw him, and I cannot shake the horrible feeling that I am letting a lot of things pass me by that I should wait and be a part of. Sure the boy definitely finds it easier to speak to his friends than to talk to me. I always wished I had an older brother when I was his age, and now I bet he wishes his older brother was around more often.

I have changed a lot, anyway, and I find it easier to talk with my sister now than I used to before. In fact, I now call her 3 times more than I used to 3 years ago. Have I not changed?

My mother is probably consoling herself with the knowledge that she has to let me go sooner or later, but I know she sure wishes she has me for a little longer. You know, like she probably would give anything to have us spend a whole evening together reliving memories of those times when she used to hold me close after school – and teach me to read, write, and type. She sure did a great job!

My family is far from perfect, and we definitely do not have all the things money can buy. Yeah, my parents do quarrel every once in a while; my sister and I often ‘fight’, and my brother often refuses to go on errands; but overall – I can feel the love in the air, and part of me wishes I could stay here forever.

Sadly, yet fortunately for me, I know I have to leave someday – to go make a life for myself. And every day, that someday draws closer. Anyways, now and when that day arrives – I will joy in the knowledge that God has used my family to make a round and well balanced me.


  1. i love this article. it makes me wanna cry. though, some of us do not have a very good relationship with our dad, i still feel the love for him. thank you for the article, i never thought about my family like this. and.... it's good to be emotional, makes you feel like you are expressing your feelings better.

  2. This post is so real. I love it. I'm happy you told your dad that you love him..It's interesting how it's when our loved ones leave us that we remember we wished we had said certain things.

  3. Igbodipe Iyabosile Anthonia.18 February 2010 at 08:50

    The best thing that can happen 2 someone is to openly tell him/her that you love him/her.You did a good job telling your dad.I LOVE MY DAD TOO.
    Great job.

  4. i didnt know it was this much touchy....i love this.i often wonder why in this side of the world,its almost a crime to express the way you feel about someone.welldone and do it more a good boy....

  5. Awwww... Who knew Koye could be this emotional. U can't buga me sha, I luv my mummys too. Lol.... This sure makes me wish I'd grown up wit my father so I could share d luv, cos right now my mum's got all d luvin, but on d other hand, half bread is better than puff puff, abi?
    Really nice article, I hope in our own generation our kids will be able 2 tell us they luv us more to our face and less on d internet. Kiss kiss.