Monday, February 26, 2018

Life Lately - What I've Been Up To...

Perpetual state of mind - LOOOOL
I made sixteen posts on this blog last year. That was the lowest number in the nine years since I started the blog. I did a lot of writing last year though, especially essays applying to b-school and to multiple scholarships…

I thought I would write more this year, but I now know that will not happen. For one, the reality of a one-year MBA is proving to be very different from the idea of one. All the blogs I read and the many alumni I spoke to told me this would be an intense year, but I still managed to underestimate the intensity. Between classes, tutorials, pre-read, cases, and group work from Monday to Saturday – your life outside INSEAD starts to disappear.

I am grateful Busola is in Fontainebleau too. I get a lot of support from just being in the same physical space as her and I can get school-work off my mind for a few moments every day when we connect over other topics. It also helps that I don’t have to explain why I’m almost always tired, not responding to messages on time, or missing scheduled phone calls due to group meetings that always last longer than planned. My big brothers Deji Adesina and Deji Adebusoye survived this year without Ogochukwu, Busola, and two young sons. My respect for the four of them has doubled.

This is where I finally get to use this picture collage! Big shout-outs to Deji Adebusoye (and the crew), P Desh + Oggie + the crew, and my darling Kemi Onabanjo. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture with Dozie. My INSEAD journey is a lot smoother because I know these fine alumni. Just knowing I can reach out to them when needed helps keep the stress down. Shout out to the ex-SCM crew too – it’s amazing how much support we get from them across all the distance. I’m just sad that Ayomps doesn’t talk to me over video calls. And – shout out to both our families. Rev'd Ko is delighted I’m “finally doing a Masters”, Mother Ko is always praying – as she has been doing for years, and the younger Kos' and the Okunoren trio are being the most supportive.

Olam fam LOL
I am often asked if the learning experience is worth it. My answer is simple: it is more than worth it. I thought of myself as well read before coming here and I probably was (and still am LOL), but I have learnt concepts and studied subjects I would otherwise not have gravitated towards. For instance, you could not have paid me last year to take a free course on Financial Markets and Valuation; but I had to take that course this period and I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt tons along the way. In all the courses, the focus is mostly on understanding the intuition. In fact, I have heard the word “intuition” more times this period than I care to remember. The joke is that we hardly learn anything in our Uncertainty, Data, and Judgment class that prepares us for the exam – but it has definitely taught me to look at the world differently and that is what really counts. I am caught between conflicting emotions: I want this year to progress as slowly as possible, but I can’t wait for the remaining periods.

This is where I say again that while a MBA is fantastic, it is not for everyone and it definitely does not make me (or you) an overnight expert at business. You still need to put in a lot of work over the course of your career. It does however provide an incredible framework and set of tools, access to a diverse set of opportunities and an international network, and exciting memories of an incredible year.

Another thing I am grateful for is the opportunity to take one year off work, explore Europe (cries in limited budget), and ponder about life's big questions; at least when I am not reading random financial statements. I am often told I take things very seriously, but I definitely think life is serious business and I am trying to live such that I minimize regrets. Again a disclaimer: you definitely don’t need one crazily expensive year (or two) to think about your life and put things in perspective. There’s nothing stopping you from doing this in the evenings and on weekends – so long as you know it is something you want to do from time to time.

This was a good (and longer than planned) break from studying, but it’s time to hit submit and close this computer. Those books won't read themselves.

The grand chateau at Fontainebleau hosts eight centuries of history!
We thank Thee every day
As we kneel and pray
That we were born with eyes
To see these things - Jim Reeves.

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  1. Good to know you are fairing well... Miss you brother. Regards to Busola. Enjoy charis. Gracias!