Thursday, November 10, 2016

For Hillary Clinton; Heartbreak...

I have exerted great effort to avoid all news media, spending far less time than usual on Facebook, Twitter, and Quora. I scroll past furiously when news related to Trump appears in my newsfeed, and I am uncharacteristically missing CNN's Quest means Business for the second night in a row.

When I made this post yesterday, I thought it was because I was weary of all the news about America's election. It had crept into my life and dominated my thoughts and conversations for weeks. I thought I was grateful it was over, so I hastened to document my thoughts in a bid to quickly move on.

I was wrong.

I have not moved on.

I am heartbroken that Mrs. Clinton lost.

I can't bring myself to watch her concession speech or read its transcript. I can't bring myself to scroll through her Twitter timeline for updates from her campaign. I just can't.

In addition to the fact that I identify as liberal, I just really felt for Mrs. Clinton. I believed she was one of the most capable people to ever run for President of the US, and was happy that Obama and Clinton felt likewise too. She had clear and well thought out positions on many of the key issues, and seemed to have a good plan. Given that she was capable, I hoped she would be the one to shatter the 'ultimate glass ceiling' and be elected first female President of the US.

Alas. It was not to be.

The people preferred the Donald.

It is what it is.

"Let us move on; for this is short, and it will pass." - Dido.

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