Sunday, January 31, 2016

You're Unstoppable: Happy New February!

It seemed like it would last the entire year, but folks - January is over! Can I hear an hallelujah?

And no - we can't call it wraps and move to 2017. There are eleven months to go, and there is a lot to come. There will be promotions, birthdays, and weddings; there will be some 'not-so-good' stuff too, but let's not think about those for a moment.

We cannot completely control the outcomes we will experience in February, but we can try to influence the odds in our favour. Set new goals or review existing ones, think about what worked and what didn't in January, and adjust your plan accordingly.

You can be all you want to be, but you've got to put in the effort!

PS: I recently fell in love with Unstoppable by Sia, and I think its chorus is a great theme for February.

I'm unstoppable,
I'm a Porsche without brakes;
I'm invincible,
I win every single game;
I'm so powerful,
I don't need batteries to play;
I'm so confident,
I'm unstoppable today - Sia.

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