Sunday, November 29, 2015

#Ikemofepo2015 : For Mofesola and Ikepo Babalola

Who knew Mofe could look this handsome?
I haven’t had so much fun in one weekend since Joseph got married in April.

As we neared Lagos this evening, I turned to my friends in the car and said, “let’s head back to Ife. We’ll tell Mofe and Ikepo we came back to say hello.” While that was a joke, I sure wish I could have lots more weekends like this one.

615 kilometers driven to, from, and inside Ife; one watch damaged and another misplaced; five meals skipped and three kilograms happily lost; and thousands of clumsy dance steps after – Mofesola and Ikepo are married!

I’m not even sure where to start. Mofesola is one of my best friends, and is easily the single male friend I have spent the most time with in the past two to three years. We have shared joys, pains, triumphs, and defeats of all sorts. I totally love Mofesola, and it made me very happy to see him so radiant over this weekend.

It’s trickier with Ikepo. I didn’t like her for a very long time. I didn’t know her, but I didn’t like her – and here’s why. Mofesola and I belonged to a certain class of guys in Ife, and guys like us did not get girls like Ikepo – or so we thought at the time. So, I branded her distant, snobbish, and arrogant – and passively disliked her until Mofesola announced she was the one.

This big head insisted on playing the sax as Ikepo walked into the church... Guess it was his excuse not to sing a hymn!

A lot has changed since then… I have since learnt firsthand that Ikepo is an amazing, down-to-earth, and extremely loving person – and I couldn’t be more grateful that we eventually became friends.

I have also since learnt that guys like Mofesola and me can get any girl we want…but I digress.

These two are definitely going to be my friends for decades to come, by God's grace, and I wish them a very happy married life. We'll be cheering you on!

Here’s to everyone who made this weekend a blast for Mofe and Ikepo: parents on both sides, Busola Okunoren, Mary, Tobi Akinbo, Yetunde, Jide Olatunbode, Tobi, Anetor, Gbolahan, Omoloro, Adebusola, Mtay, Simoye, Demilade, Demola Ajayi, Benjamin Taiwo, Tiwadara, Demilade, Adedapo, Adedayo, Busola Adejuyigbe, Dunni Fanibe, Tobi Davies (and the rest of the bridal train), Tunde Onilu, Rotimi, and all the other sweet people whose names I cannot remember at this time.

Bestest bridal party ever liveth. I regret not being in this photo :( :(
Let's do this again soon.

Who is getting married next?

Tobi Akinbo? Mary Oshinowo?

See more pictures here.

Cheers to the new week.

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  1. Congratulations to the big boss!
    Oh! Friends... and the love therein.