Saturday, September 12, 2015

Birthday Report: Mind Blown, Thank You!

Yesterday was amazing.

Without doubt, this was my best birthday yet! I stepped into the day excited, looking forward to a good day; I got a great day! I returned home wishing my birthday could last 48 hours so I could experience all the excitement, joy, and celebration again! I can't believe I have to wait another 365 days before it's my birthday again.

I am reminded that God has blessed me with amazing relationships, in my family and with my friends. I appreciate everyone who helped me feel special and loved yesterday. Special thanks to Busola, who made me a cake so lovely I did not want to cut it, went the extra mile to surprise me at the office, and gave me gifts of the variety one keeps for a lifetime. I appreciate my siblings and parents; there is nothing like celebrating your birthday with the people who have always known you.

Who conducts their own birthday song? Me - of course :)
Thank you Ehis, your voice-note made my morning! (I ran into the bathroom, but did not cry :)). Thank you Ibidun and Ope Awolesi for the cakes! (I left my house planning to buy my own cakes, but see - see!) Thanks to my team (Foluso, Lambert, and Bidemi) for a beautiful cake and a thoughtful hand-made card - I'll keep it until it falls apart, and glue it together even then! (I was pleasantly surprised!) Thank you Damilola Eleoramo - God bless you :).  Thank you Chisom and Samantha for everything, and for helping Busola with the surprise. Thank you Teniola, for all that you did :). Thank you Uche Ajo!!! Thank you to my GBS and Purchasing teams, and my other amazing colleagues, who took time off their busy schedules to celebrate with me. Thank you to my friends, who braved Lagos traffic in the evening to hang out with me and Busola.

If I wasn't constrained by space, I'd retrace my steps from when I awakened and list out every single person who helped to make yesterday special - but I can't. I appreciate everyone who texted, messaged, mailed, or called. I have tried to read and respond to every message I received, and I am humbled at how many people reached out and at how thoughtful the birthday wishes were.

Selfie with my beautiful people, by the selfie master himself!
Now that my birthday is past, I am struck by how much more I need to do, by how much more life I need to pack into every new day, and by how many more people I need to reach and try to inspire and help.

I look forward to spending every day of this new year being all that I can be.

Cheers to the new week,

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