Sunday, July 05, 2015

I'm Back! + Thoughts on Aloneness...

It has been quite a while since I wrote anything; exactly a month today since the last hurriedly written post on this blog. This state of affairs has not been for want of inspiration, or for want of time to put 'pen to paper'. I have been swamped on all fronts these past few weeks, and for someone who derives energy from being alone - I haven't made enough 'alone moments' recently.

Having realized it was time to come off auto-pilot, I decided this evening to spend quality time doing absolutely nothing. Nothing. Not chatting, not speaking to someone, not listening to music, not scrolling through Quora or Facebook, not seeing a movie, not typing an email, not worrying about someone or something. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

The results so far are amazing. I have done nothing, but I feel stronger, have better clarity about which efforts to continue and which to discontinue, and overall feel more in control.

Life can often speed up into a blur. It is very easy to default to routines: wake, pray, work, eat, sleep, socialize, attend services, rinse and repeat. Routines and habits are great; they enable us to respond quickly to external stimuli within a present framework. However, we sometimes default to them so frequently that we stop living consciously.

If this happens do that; if that happens, do this, this and this.

It is very important for us all to take frequent retreats, to review our plans and confirm our ladders are still leaning against the right wall. According to Andy Puddicombe in this brilliant TED video, all it takes is ten mindful minutes a day.

May the road rise to meet you.

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