Friday, January 02, 2015

20 Facts About Me...

It's been a while since I did serious writing, so I decided I'd ease back into writing by doing some "not-so-serious" writing :)

Here goes - 20 random facts about me (with one bonus fact thrown in at the end):

1. I've had just 3 Barbers cut my hair - all my life. One in Ife. One in Ibadan. And now - one in Lagos. I once went six months without a haircut because my Lagos Barber was unavailable.

2. I've had (and still have) just one girlfriend. Well, not counting two 'flings' in Secondary School that lasted eight hours in one case and two days in the other. And yep - not counting the babe that used me to pass WAEC either. UPDATE - March 2017: I married her!

3. I was writing a book on Pornography Addiction, then stopped when I realized I'd have to get addicted to understand firsthand what Porno addicts experience.

4. I love Celine Dion. Immortality is possibly my favorite song of all time. I'd pay through my nose for a chance to take her to dinner.

5. I draw energy from my "alone moments". Except it's one of a very limited number of people, I can't stand chatter-boxes when I'm in the "alone zone".

6. I made a refrigerator for my Final Year project. It still works, but it's so heavy that I left it in Ife. Well, "I" had a project partner.

7. I finished my first reading of the Bible at 9.

8. I "apologize, no matter who was wrong" - until an 'elastic limit' is reached. After this point I cut people off - until THEY apologize. I've only reached this limit with two people. UPDATE - May 2015: I eventually went back and apologized to one of these two :).

9. I find it difficult to go to sleep except I'm playing music. Most often, Immortality is the last song I hear as I slip into sleep.

10. I'm an unrepentant feeler. I have learnt to understand and sometimes control my moods - and I leverage different moods to achieve different things.

11. I love to write. Projecting my thoughts on a computer screen helps me think things through.

12. I'm probably the fastest (Nigerian) typist you know. Dare me if you don't believe it. I won't take bets less than a hundred thousand naira.

13. I cry. When people start crying when talking to me, I stop listening and join them.

14. My name is not Koye. It's Mogbekeloluwa.

15. I love Casillas. I love Real Madrid. In that order. I'm a proud #CasillasBaby, warts and all.

16. I read. So much that by conservative estimates, I've read over a thousand non-academic books over the past ten years. The unfortunate thing is - sometimes I recall the theme, but can't recall the book title or author. Thankful for Google and GoodReads these days.

17. I love my siblings, fiercely. We fight a lot and I seldom tell them though.

18. I have a reputation for candor, but I'm also very nice.

19. Policemen on a sting operation once decided not to arrest me (after arresting both my room-mates) because they said I looked too young and innocent. I was 19 at the time.

20. I love love love seafood.

Bonus fact, thrown in by special request from Mofesola Babalola:

21. I am a hug junkie. A huge one. And lots of people here who I've practically begged or blackmailed into hugging me can testify. Half of the time when I'm feeling unwell, deep down I'm just longing for a full teddy bear hug. There!


Anything sound familiar? Or surprising?


  1. First your name is not koye?? -___- Where did the name now come from?

    And celine dion? No comments.

    I love my alone times, love love.

  2. My brother, Koye is such a great man! Kai!

  3. Of a truth, points 12 & 13 are spot on! Even though I never benefitted from your typing skill. *smiles*. Ciao.