Saturday, November 15, 2014

Thoughts on Interstellar (The Movie)

In what is arguably my first late-night movie (started showing at about 7.30pm) - I saw Interstellar tonight. And I loved it. It was tough to decide if I liked it more than October 1 - but in the end the little boy that fell in love with stars came to the fore - and Interstellar edged to the front.

This is not a movie review. If you want one, Google "Interstellar" and you'll find all the summaries you'll ever need.

Here goes:

1. Interstellar is a fantastic movie. Interstellar is a fantastic movie. Interstellar is a fantastic movie. I could repeat that a thousand times and it would not quite capture how I feel about the movie. I loved it. I will see it again; not once or twice - more times than I can count. I loved Interstellar. It was worth every kobo!

2. If you understand Interstellar - congratulate yourself - you're smart! I saw Interstellar tonight with about fifty-five people, and halfway through I could tell only one young lady "got it". Well, maybe I'm exaggerating and there were a few other 'silent admirers' of the movie like me; but bottom-line is most people seeing it did not get it! For the first time today I heard people snore at the cinemas. And at the end of the movie - one woman said to her husband (I saw the rings plus she was carrying a baby) "Filmu ta wo yi o ye mi ooo", and he responded "ki ti e ni title movie owun gan?"*

If I get to interview for a non-conventional firm in future, I'll use Interstellar as a gating question. i.e. "Did you see Interstellar? Explain the plot in five minutes". :) :) :)

Update: It's so 'unconventional', there are quite a few sites explaining the movie. I like this Youtube video.

3. God willing, and if Jesus tarries - I want at least one little girl. God please give me a little girl.

4. I respect the ingenuity of the human race. While the film might be rife with inaccuracies concerning space travel, the truth remains that mankind has come a long way from our hunter-gatherer days. Agriculture, Medicine, Technology, the advent of Corporations and many other factors have engendered our growth as a species.

I trust that we can work together to heal the world and make it a better place, to make the most of earth - a resource we manage in behalf of future generations.

Rant over. Off to Quora to read more and more about Interstellar!

* wife - "I don't understand this movie we just saw"; husband - "by the way, what's the title of the movie?"

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  1. A movie better than October 1?! Then this is one movie i'd like to see. In other news, someone went to see a movie without me?! Dia is God o