Friday, May 02, 2014

Thoughts on Nyanya II

Picture from Nyanya I


Chances are you already know there was another bombing in Nyanya yesterday. Chxta echoes my thoughts in this piece where he admonishes the Prez, "Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!".

However, when I put sentiments aside and think about the situation...I come to the conclusion that it is better he stays.

Firstly, we will be saddled with Sambo if he leaves. Is Sambo any better? By making GEJ leave (as if we can), won't we be exchanging the frying pan for the hottest depths of hell-fire?

Secondly, we will be sending the wrong signal to the many interest groups that abound in Nigeria: "Make Nigeria ungovernable, and you can force a sitting President out".

No. He should not leave. He should man up, borrow some balls as he doesn't have any of his own, and confront this situation head-on! That is what Commanders-in-Chief do!!!


This morning I want to turn my sights again to the Nigerian Church.

I am tired of hearing Christians proclaim that they live in a "different economy", implying that they are not (and will not) be affected by the recent spate of bombings.

This is balderdash.

Do you mean to tell me Christians who have lost their lives in these bombings were not in right standing with God? Do you mean to tell me Christians who die in avoidable road accidents had sinned and as such were no longer under His protection? Do you mean to tell me all Christian graduates secure optimum employment in Nigeria - leaving the 'non-Christians' to wander the streets?


We have a responsibility to the world we live in, whether we call it home or regard ourselves as passer-bys. Things have gotten this bad for a number of reasons, including the complacency and apathy of the church.

It is NOT well. Quit lying to yourself.

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  1. Really, i agree that he should stay and fight on but i advise him not to come back after 2015. i think we need something fresh. even if it means fresh problems.