Thursday, September 20, 2012

Do people in a relationship have the right to go through each other's phones?

Now trending on my BB: "Wanna know if your girl is cheating? Snatch her phone and run away. If she beats Usain Bolt's record (while trying to get her phone back from you)... GUY, take heart - you're single!"

I have been thinking about this for some time now, and thought to hear what your thoughts are... What do you think?

Do people in a relationship have the right to go through each other's phones (mails, chats, facebook messages, texts, call records)?


  1. I don't believe they do. That we are in a r/ship doesn't mean I should forgo my right to privacy. That you go thru my phone doesn't mean I can't cheat on you. Trust isn't built that way. Creating systems and checks to watch over your partner doesn't ensure trust. For me, I can be chatting and my girlfriend is in my arms reading it. I got nothing to hide. And I've never had cause to go through her messages

  2. Of course! I read my girlfriend's texts and chats every time we see. I broke up with my immediate past girlfriend when I found she was sending nude pictures of herself to a male friend. On previous occassions she had told me this male friend was "just a friend". I noticed she was always hiding the phone, so I picked it up and scrolled through one day she just came out of the bathroom. I was shocked to find she just sent him pictures in the bathroom, and forgot to clear her screen as she usually does. Later found out she had been doing that for a very long time - which was why she was hiding her phone all along. :(

    Once beaten forever shy o. If I can't read your texts biko, get away.

    Coffee wey I dey drink for here dey comot my nose as I dey type this.

  3. My own is not much. If I cannot read your chats, you cannot read mine. My girlfriend does not like it when I read her chats, yet cannot do without reading mine. That I do not like.

  4. it depends on what you call a relationship, the kind of relationship you have will determine how you deal with each other. you cannot fit a volks wagon beetle wind shield in an Aston martin.