Friday, December 16, 2011

My Thoughts On The Increments in LASU Fees

As much as I am of the opinion that quality education costs a lot more than currently obtains in Nigeria, I must say that the LASU model is idealistic - so idealistic that it may be termed 'insane'.
Quality education is the only way to truly transform Nigeria over the long run, and it needs to be made as affordable as possible so that we can reach a wider base of people... Think Awo and free education, and how that has put the South West on an educational advantage relative to the rest of the country.
Before you go on and make Universities an elitist institution, there needs to be adequate funding and representation for various technical colleges, polytechnics, and schools of Agriculture - with an attendant rise in the standard of living of graduates of such institutions.
An artisan, such as a Carpenter, should be able to afford a good life - live in a good house, send their kids to a good school etc. As long as Nigerians are of the opinion that it takes a University degree to make anything out of life, there will be an undue strain on the University system.
In this particular case, I think the administration is being too hurried in their drive to revolutionize the school. You cannot take a 'LASU', and expect to turn it into an 'OAU' or a 'UI' in one day, or one year - even when you throw money at it. Achieving lasting greatness takes time.
The fees should have been increased gradually and in small increments. For every increment, students and their parents should be made to see the direct consequences of their paying more. That way, it becomes easier to want to pay the next increment.
Just my thoughts though... I am not the Governor of Lagos State - but if I were...

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  1. I definately share your sentiment on the gradual increment of fees but we live in a century where we want things food, fast cars, fast internet connection and so on but then again rome wasn't built in a day...the management of LASU should have thought of that before the sudden increase. Good one koye