Saturday, May 08, 2010


Just finished writing up a new story... Read the first few paragraphs down here, and read the full story here on my other blog.________________________________________________

As I make my way to the podium for the customary handshake with the Vice Chancellor, I cannot help but be amazed at how short he is.
Imagine. Here I am, claiming the University Prize for the Best Graduating Student, and all I can do is think about how short my erstwhile Vice Chancellor is. Just imagine!
I look across the motley crowd literally hugging the makeshift seats at the Amphitheatre, and I can almost feel the awe and admiration in the air. Hey, can someone please tell me what all these people are staring at? Me?
That young lady in the convocation gown, the one over there, she looks like she would follow me without as much as a thought if I smiled at her. Well, I must confess it is rather sad that I have to meet with the representatives from Sahara Oil and ChevronTexaco after this ceremony – I really would love to chat up that girl after this ceremony, there is this thing about her that makes me want to scream! She bats her eyelids at me, and sure as clockwork - my heart skips a beat. In that one missed beat, I know for sure that meeting this young woman is of more importance than meeting with the black guys in black blazers.


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  2. Great, as in wonderful. Me was thinking, I was reading a 'story-book', not knowing that Koye can be a novelist. I'm so anxious to read the second part that I could answer the argumentative question. My email address is

  3. Kayode Olaniyan.. full story please.. Interesting and good stuff. I must confess you have a very an amazing writing style. good diction!!
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