Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The past few days have been very hectic.

Like I mentioned in my immediate past post, I have attended a whole lot of meetings; some out of obligation and others out of a sincere need to participate.

In two weeks, I have taken on 2 more ‘demanding’ responsibilities – none of them imposed, both of them by my free will. I have given out in advance a large chunk of my personal time in the next 4 weekends, and I have added a new weekly meeting – at least for this semester and the next.

In two weeks, I have been forcefully reminded of an earlier assertion on this blog, that true time management is not about doing more things in 24 hours; it is about doing the things that really matter in those 24 hours.

I look back over the past two weeks, and I must admit that to a larger extent, life has lived me. I have not lived it! Now that I have managed to escape the noise of the crowd, it hits closer to home that I have not been in control these past two weeks. Philip Larkin could not have been righter!

I have not done all the things I would have loved to do, and I have done a lot that I did not want to do. I have slept too late, only following that I wake up late. I have stabbed classes (just 2 o!), I have turned in assignments late, I have gotten to meetings late – and left early, and I have gotten to meetings early – and left late.

BUT I will not cry over spilt milk. The lessons of the past two weeks are fresh in my mind, and I will trust them to carry me through the next few weeks. I will think twice before I say yes to anyone or anything, and I will not hesitate to ask for more time to think through difficult decisions. I will not try to be everything to everyone at all times, and I will remember to love my neighbour as myself - and not more than.

Think back over the past few days in your own life, maybe the past few weeks. I mean, think deeply about them. Go over the choices you made as to how to spend your time and stuff like that, and then ask yourself: “If I could have those few days again, would I live them the same way”?

If you end up with thoughts similar to those contained in this post, do not worry: you have 100% of your life before you NOW! Make the leap now, and break out of the mould.

Introspection is a powerful thing when used constructively; it can help you to avoid making the same mistakes twice.

Let’s drink a toast, to a better quality of life.

Love y’all.

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