Monday, June 01, 2009


On Saturday - the 30th, we held the first session of BEYOND IFE, which seeks to provide young job seekers with the basic requirements for success in the market place. We started with some amazing speakers.

I had the singular honor of listening to a guy that I could not help falling in love with - Lolu Mogaji, talk about Image and Personal Branding.

I am taking a break now, to go type up a post on my own views about the place of image and personal branding in business success, and I will put it up here soon.

But for now, take a seat and ponder on the following statement - Image is everything...



  1. Igbodipe Iyabosile Anthonia14 June 2009 at 23:44

    BEYOND IFE!!!!!!!!!!!!it was a great simple sentences, u av said it all.kip d flag flying koye,cant wait 2 see u at d top.

  2. i concure.beyond ife was really interesting.lots of lessons were learnt there.welldone dear.plentydollar.