About Me

With one of Madrid's many Champions League trophies...
My name is Mogbekeloluwa, but I prefer to be called Koye; it is easier to pronounce and it is anyway part of my last name. I am very curious about the world, so I ask a lot of questions, read a lot, and listen to podcasts often. I also enjoy creating, so I try to write frequently and enjoy photographing landscapes. I love watching Real Madrid play!

I studied Mechanical Engineering at OAU in Nigeria and was drawn to the idea of business as a force for good. I believe business can be a powerful tool for creating value, shaping society, and enabling people to achieve their dreams. I am currently recovering from an intense year studying for an MBA at INSEAD. Prior to the program, I spent five years in Purchasing and Media at P&G. During the program, I worked with a team for Google to develop a guide on improving the practice of marketing in large organizations.

When something happens that is worth writing long posts about, I share those posts here. Otherwise, you might find me on Twitter or Facebook writing shorter posts or commenting furiously during Real Madrid matches.

Welcome to my Blog!