About Me

I am the first of three children, and I think my family adores me. I studied Mechanical Engineering at the Obafemi Awolowo University, but I fell in love with the practice of global business - so I currently work in Purchasing at a top FMCG company.

I tried to read 'Living, Loving, and Learning' by Leo Buscaglia when I was eleven, and the title left more of an impression than the book itself. Since then, I have made conscious efforts to live, love, and learn daily.

When something happens that is worth writing long posts about, I share those posts here. Otherwise, you might find me on Twitter or Facebook writing shorter posts or commenting furiously during Real Madrid matches.

Welcome to my Blog!

PS: This post with  20 random facts about me might also make for a great 'About Me'.

Koye (Mogbekeloluwa).