Friday, October 10, 2014

So Linda's Blog is Back... Yaaaaaay!!!

I fully intend this to be my last post about the recent 'take-down' of Linda's Blog. So help me God.

So, Nigeria's most visited personal blog is back up. At her original Google-hosted Blog domain. This is good news, and I'm happy for her. It's not often that life gives people second chances after such 'mistakes', and I'm grateful she has a new chance to do things right (and back-up her blog too).

In my opinion, Linda needs to hire a top-class team to develop a BellaNaija-esque blog for her (and not the crap we were temporarily subjected to at yesterday). She also needs to spend more. Quality staff and servers to manage the new site if she does decide to move, an IP Lawyer to consult for her, and proper licenses and rights to third-party content.

Whether or not it was a personal issue with MrAyeDee, fact remains that plagiarism is wrong - and we must learn to respect Intellectual Property as much as we do Physical Property.

And yes, leaking a personal conversation is just as bad as leaking nude pictures. That was so wrong, Linda.

There, that's all. Now let's all go have us great Fridays!

1. Linda is hiring. Yaaaaaaay!!!
2. Now I can go back to the 'Zone', knowing that there's LIB to look forward to on my Breaks.

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