Thursday, October 30, 2014

Like A Moth - Sequel (Guest Post)

A year and a few months ago, tears of hurt and pain filled my eyes and sleep was far from me. Today, a lot has changed, but I find the tears gathering again – threatening to spill out and share my joy and happiness with the world.

Who would have thought the source of my pain could bring me so much joy down the line?

I once thought your beautiful brown eyes were cold. Now I long to stare into them and feel their warmth. I hope they look back into mine too, deep into my soul, and see how much you mean to me. How ironic that the same eyes that once sent cold spears stabbing into my heart are the same ones that offer me refuge today?

Across the miles, your smile makes my day brighter. It is funny to me how far you are, yet how near you seem to be.

I am no stranger to love. I have seen stuff and done stuff, but this is new every morning. You show me a new side to love and loving every day, and I love every step we have taken together. You have shown me a new side to life and living, you have changed the way I feel.

The same people who advised me to give up months ago see me now and know why it was never an option, why I was drawn to you like a moth is attracted to naked flames.

Now they understand.

It will be 365 days tomorrow, and even with the ups and downs – it has been more than worth it.

Every moment we have shared together has been better than the moments before.

I just can’t get enough of you.

Now I know all the pain, all the hurt, and all the tears were worth it.

I am drawn to you.

I always will be.

Even though I get burned sometimes, I can’t imagine my world without the brightness you bring.

I love you.

Note: This post was written by my long-time friend and brother, , and is a continuation of his original post here. As with the previous piece, I accepted to edit - as my own 'contribution' to his "1-year" anniversary with his woman! You go bro!!!


  1. Lovely. Lovely. Lovely.
    Take a bow, @D_Malik_Abiola.
    I hope you love her as much as you have written.

  2. Lol. All you children that grew up listening to Westlife. God is watching you o.

  3. The way you started still remains a mystery. I was watching you closely trying to observe what is happening to you and also on standby because you will need my hand to come back up if you should go down emotionally (again).

    Surprised and happy that it seems you have found your soulmate.

    You have been there to support when it seems like the world is falling over so the least I can wish for you is this good feeling you're currently having.

    All the best bro.

  4. Awww this is so sweet. Bless your heart.