Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Randoms:: Back to Work, Linda's Range, and Pastor Chris

Guess who is back at work?!

Oh yeah?! I’m back to work, babbbbbaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!! And like I like to roll, here’s a few random thoughts on my first day back in the office – on everything from my just concluded vacation to the Oyakhilome’s ongoing divorce proceedings.

1. Nothing like a selfie to start with. Who doesn’t love a selfie on their first day back at work? It was great to be out, but I missed the office – and I’m glad to be back. Very glad, and very thankful. God has kept me.

Me and my Rabbit Teeth showed up at work advertising Camay :)
2. So Linda bought a 2014 Range Rover for N24million, and Nigerian Twitter went crazy. Public admission: I love Linda Ikeji (I nearly dropped dead the first time I got an email from her, and I stammered non-stop when I called her up to invite her to Beyond Ife). I admire what she has done with LIB, and you just have to give it up for her work ethic. That babe has blogged EVERY day – with only a few exceptions – for nearly EIGHT years! If you think that is easy, start a Blog and let’s see.

I also like what she stands for. In a world where role-models are quite scarce, Linda continues to stand as a beacon of “what hard-work can do”. Every chance she gets, she admonishes young girls to believe in themselves and their dreams, work hard and stay focused, and believe in God. (I'm not saying she's perfect though - I don't know).

You go, Girl!
It’s not my place to judge whether she should have bought a car at that price, and I’ll be honest – there’s no saying what most of us would do if we had that kind of spare money on our hands. What I have an issue with is her ‘announcing’ it (and the cost) on her blog. I think she could have passed across the bulk of her 'inspirational message' without including the cost of the car, and in “today’s Nigeria” – I’m not sure it’s a wise decision to post pictures of your three cars right in front of your house.

Too many kidnappers and robbers roaming the streets these days!

3. At the beginning of my Vacation, I planned to take a 300km road-trip. Well, I drove 482km in total. Thanks to my dad for introducing me to “pleasure driving”. There is nothing like getting in a car and cruising around, parking when and where you want, and seeing sights we’re ordinarily too busy to notice. The birthday was mega-fun, I was grateful for time with the boo, and Wale's wedding was excellent!

Kart Racing at Get Arena with the Boys...
Surprise birthday, thanks to the EG :)
4. So a few people who read my post last year (a commentary inspired by an alleged affair by a popular Nigerian Pastor) have mailed asking me to ‘comment’ on the ongoing divorce proceedings involving yet another popular Nigerian Pastor. Hmmmmm… While I remain ‘vocal’ as ever in communicating my core beliefs, I have come a long way from the post last year – and I’ll try to be more 'balanced' in this one.

1. It cannot be emphasized enough: no Christian enters their marriage with a plan to divorce. Sincere Christians pray, believe they heard God, and sincerely step into His perceived will for their lives.
2. I learnt since last year that an ‘attack’ on one Christian is an ‘attack’ on us all. Though we are many, we are one body. The devil will capitalize on these happenings to distract people, and try to cause many to fall. We need to strengthen people, not cause them to doubt our God and gospel further.
3. Pastors are MEN of God. They are not demi-gods, and they are certainly not God. They deserve our respect as shepherds, but we must understand they are also “work in progress”; they are not perfect.
4. Marriage is a lot of work. A lot of things need to be ‘right’ for a marriage to be a happy one. In Leo Tolstoy’s words, “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”. Rather than criticize endlessly, we should look – and learn.
5. If you can, spare time to pray for the Pastor in question and his wife. May God touch them, heal their hearts, and turn their hearts towards Him again.
6. It is very, very important to know God for ourselves. Our relationship with God should not hinge on the successes or perceived failures of another man. When we know Him for ourselves, we can stand strong through trying times as these.

Of course - there is a lot that I have left unsaid - for example, I'd be the first person to advocate a separation in the case of physical abuse and/or threat to life (which thankfully is not the case here). In case you'd like to read further, here are links to the following pieces:
2. Of Pastors, Divorce and Scandal (The Woman of Virtue Network).
3. RE: Of Pastors, Divorce and Scandal (Deji Yusufu, for an entirely different perspective).

May God keep us all,

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