Saturday, September 20, 2014

Jason's Thoughts on Linda Ikeji

I am a huge fan of Linda Ikeji. I don't hide it. I talk about her every chance I get, and I hugely respect what she has achieved. And now, another boss - Jason Njoku - has done a feature on her.

A few excerpts from Jason's posts:

People always ask me how successful can she possibly be? I suspect it’s somewhere in the $400-700k per year, range. With next to zero operating costs. Abnormally profitable. She doesn’t even pay for hosting her 2m+ readers as she uses blogspot instead.
I remember when the ‘news broke’ that I was getting married, I was surprised she actually bothered to reach out for official comments before writing the story. That’s why when she writes things, I believe them.
She doesn’t even bother with technical guff. Her site is hosted straight from blogspot and the interesting thing this is it’s super SEO optimised for different locales, as I see whilst in UK, .com whilst in US and .fr when I was in France a few months ago.
Go here and here to read Jason's thoughts on LIB, the Queen of Nigerian Internet.

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