Saturday, December 10, 2011

Theatre of The Absurd VII: Of Homosexuals, Corruption, and Misdirected Energies

I am not homosexual.

This is not a moral thing, or a 'Christian' thing. Maybe research would put it down to my environment and upbringing, but it just does not feel right - and in my world, that makes it wrong.

However, I have also learnt never to project my value system upon someone else. The way I see it, it is none of my business what two adults choose to do with themselves - so long as it is done in the privacy of their bedroom, and it is consensual.

Those two perspectives established, it is simply amazing to me how much attention Nigeria has paid to the 'anti-gay bill' over the past few days. The massive support this bill has received speaks volumes of a people and their definition of morality.

Are gay people responsible for the rot in the education sector? Shall we lay the blame for the thousands of deaths that happen on our roads on homosexuals? Are they responsible for the dearth of qualitative healthcare and public infrastructure? Is it gay people that have held Nigeria and Nigerians to a post-colonial form of slavery over the past few decades?

All of a sudden, homosexuality seems more evil than corruption.

What inspired this bill? Was there any perceived danger from homosexuals? Was there any possiblity that a certain number of homosexuals would picket the National Assembly? Was there any possibility that they would hold the Nigerian state to ransom and demand to be recognized?

Would these same lawmakers propose a bill stipulating stiffer sanctions for people convicted of misappropriating public funds? Would they propose legislation to see corrupt officials humbled and thrown out of office - instead of being sent to executive prisons for two years?

I get ahead of myself.

Homosexuality does not strike at the fabric of our nation, corruption does. There needs to be a re-direction of our anger at evils that really threaten us as a society.

I am not homosexual, but I do not need to be before I respect their choices and preferences.


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