Wednesday, February 10, 2010


If you belong to a particular class of people, I make bold to say that this might be the most important article you will ever read – and that it has the capacity to alter the course of your life forever. I need you to pay attention, and to follow me with all that you have; I need you to emotionally engage these words, and to connect with this story.

Let’s do this, shall we?

Now, whatever may be said in praise of poverty, the fact remains that it is not possible to live a really complete or successful life unless one is rich.  No man can rise to his greatest possible height in talent or soul development unless he has plenty of money; for to unfold the soul and to develop talent he must have many things to use, and he cannot have these things unless he has money to buy them with. Even love is denied full expression by poverty.1

While it is possible to lead happy lives without an abundance of money, it is seldom possible to lead full lives without it. It is often possible to become relevant to a small group without money, but it is almost impossible to be relevant to a generation without access to large sums of money, directly or indirectly. For example - Mother Teresa, who was required to make vows of personal poverty on becoming a member of the Missionaries of Charity, made use of large sums of money which were directly or indirectly at her disposal as she brought help and ‘healing’ to the people of Calcutta. Or tell me, did not she use money to build the Nirmal Hriday (Pure Heart) Home for Dying Destitutes?

In the now immortal words of Eric Butterworth, prosperity is a way of living and thinking, and not just having money or things. It follows that poverty is a way of living and thinking, and not just not having money or things. It cannot be overstated that prosperity, likewise poverty are concepts that exist only in our minds.

My friends like to define POOR as Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly, and I honestly believe that a lot of people remain poor because they continually pass over opportunities that would have granted them access to a whole new world. However, how will you not pass over opportunities when you cannot see them? And that there place is the place of the mind in this matter; you cannot see things that you are not looking for!

So long as you work for money, you give the power over your time – and by extension your life, to your employer. Conversely, when money works for you, you control your time - and by extension your life. Tell me, how do you live your own life – when the most productive hours of your day, your months, and your life are spent at some other person’s beck and call? How do you go about doing WHAT you want to do, visiting the places you want to see, spending time with the people you love, adding value to that boy on the street, etc when your prime years are spent in one form of employment or the other.

Society has told us that it is alright to spend the larger parts of our lives in decorated prisons – otherwise known as offices. We have been brought up to believe that it is alright to go to small schools, graduate with small grades, get small jobs, drive small cars, raise small children, be responsible for small families, die small deaths, and even get buried in SMALL coffins.

So you think to yourself that you would like to send your kids to a better school; that you would like to drive a better car; that you would like to live in a bigger house in a better neighbourhood; that you would like to take the vacations that you only dream of as of yet; but you let it slide – because you cannot afford them. So you talk with your husband about the kid next door whose parents cannot pay his school fees – and wish deep down that you could pay them; so you cry with the mother whose baby died because she could not afford surgery – and wish that you could have paid their medical bill; so you sigh when NTA reports that less than 50% of Nigerian kids can afford proper education – and wish you could start a foundation or something; but you let all of your desires to contribute to society slide -with good reason, you cannot afford to!

Since when did it become alright to be held to ransom in the prime of your life by a faceless group of people, because they pay your salary? Since when did it become alright to turn over responsibility for your life to a group of people, people that own their own lives – and are using you to achieve their own ends, because they provide a fleeting sense of job security? Since when did it become alright to not be able to feed that part of you that seeks to contribute to something that is way bigger than you, a desire that is part of our very human nature? Since when did it become alright to not have that Ferrari of your dreams until you are over 50, and the sound of its engine is liable to kill you – or until you become a chauffeur to some rich guy somewhere? Since when did it become alright to experience the awesome Statue of Liberty, the glassy beaches of the Caribbean, the beauty and freedom of the unending Ocean, and the towering pyramids of Egypt through Television and the Internet, and NOT in person?

Since when did it become alright to NOT own your own life???

It hurts to see our universities churn out young people every year who graduate with ideals and big dreams, only to have them fade into nothingness over the next few years (or months) of their lives. It hurts to see people live below their full capacity, and yet carry dummy smiles on their faces and pat themselves on the back and congratulate themselves for doing a great job at living. Need we look farther than our daily lives for an example of living in a lie?

Now, the sad thing is that it is often within our power to construct the life that we want for ourselves. The sad thing is that this new way of life is often within our grasp, and yet we let it fly a lot of the time; this new way of life is entirely up to us, and yet we often meekly turn over the responsibility for it to some other person – who on the other hand is living the life that they want. Don’t you get it, this way of life is entirely within your grasp – if only you are willing to pay the price to live it; the price of responsibility.

When you start to think differently and to take responsibility for your life, then you will start to see things differently; then you will start to perceive opportunities where others see obstacles; and then you will experience a quantum leap in the quality of your life.
I tell you today, it’s in you!!! That ability to enjoy the life you dream of, rather than the one you can afford, it’s in you!!!

And now, to the icing on this cake… Let me show you a brand new world! A world that abounds with largely untapped opportunities! I have information that CAN launch you a great way forward on the path towards owning your own life – by multiplying the figure at the end of your balance sheet, IF only you will bend your back to the plough – and take responsibility. Show your commitment to improving the quality of your life, and send me an email (empty or with content) at, or just drop your email address as a comment at the end of this post – and I will get back to you in hours – with a mail that has the capacity to turn your financial life around.

Do you know anyone who you would love to have access to THIS information, then have them read ­this article… Provided they take the right steps, they will never regret that they did!

Are you happy?

Once again, let’s do this, SHALL WE?


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