Friday, June 12, 2009


I have just delivered an Energy Research and Development paper at the annual R & D summit. I have spent almost a year researching my subject matter, and I have delivered my findings with savvy and panache. My peers from around the globe are rushing to shake my hands. Comments to the effect that the research was tight, hitherto practically unheard of and that the delivery was superb are flying around– hey, I cannot fail to deliver, even when I try not to succeed!

I remember the lady in the front row who was nodding her cute red head in agreement with almost every statement I made in the course of my presentation, and then I seek her out – because there was this connection, you know that kind of thing now! I find her sitting at a laptop computer – presumably her’s, trying to access the Internet over a Wi-Fi hotspot connection, and typing away at an obviously professional PowerPoint presentation. Her badge says Funmi ADEBANJO, and it clicks immediately – she is speaking at tomorrow’s session – that means she’s the best from wherever she came – and at whatever she does there! I sneak in an assessment, and my eyes run from her hair to her shoes, OMG – this lady is professional! Nice clothes (I will not go into the details, although I can see them in my head), red hair, tight accessories, etc. I will my eyes to move to the hands, and I notice that her left hand is bare of rings - and I exclaim inside – finally brethren, a single lady at last!

‘Hello and how are you doing?’ I ask, and she says ‘Hi, I’m fine, and nice research by the way’. I go like ‘Really? Thanks for the compliment’. ‘Do you know if these guys use a particular IP here?’ she asks, I go like – ‘I don’t know, but I sure can connect you to the internet’. She hands over the computer, I grab a seat, and then I get busy tweaking her network configuration. We strike up a conversation and in the process we get to talk about everything – matters as diverse as the weather, the pump price of petroleum products, my HP laptop, and the latest Orekelewa (she's proudly Nigeria too) product she got.

Finally, after beating about the bush for quite some time, I decide to get it over with – because I have to leave soon, and so I establish the internet connection, stand to my feet (I am quite taller than she is), and say the magical words – ‘It was great talking with you...’. Hey, I have been practising for this day for years (since my university days – as in, today), and so I easily arrange a lunch date for tomorrow, during the break between sessions. She has to be somewhere important, I guess a subgroup meeting at church, so she has to leave now too, she’ll probably have to complete her presentation at home – no thanks to me! We say our goodbyes, and then I go for my car. As I pull out of the car park, I look into my rear-view mirror, and there she is – getting into a car that I could easily have mistaken for mine - if they were the same colour anyway. I drive a black, she drives a white – same model, same everything else, even similar leather seats.

As I race away, I can only focus on one thing – her face, and I sure can’t wait to be back tomorrow... Yeah right!!!

OK, let’s get down to business. It was nice sharing my dreams with you, but we have to get back to the matter at hand.

We are still on the topic – BY THIS TIME NEXT YEAR, and I have just shared what I can see happening a few years from now (just joking). OK, by now I guess you know ‘by this time next year’ does not necessarily mean ‘by this time in the next 12 calendar months’, ‘next year’ could be like ten years from now for a particular context, just like I have shown above.

We are still talking about vision, and I have tried to describe the scene above in such detail - because I am trying to show you that you must be able to describe your vision, your goals, your dream job, your dream office, your dream house, your dream car, your dream wife with amazingly accurate precision. Can you paint such a video as the one above in your imagination? Note that I did not say picture, VIDEO!

You need to be able to see it, if you want to be it. WHAT DO YOU SEE? WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF THIS TIME NEXT YEAR? Answer these questions in detail, and it will amaze you how many things can start from that simple step.

For now, I will leave you with the following words, which are credited to Henry David Thoreau:

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavours to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

I’ll be back.

KOYE-LADELE Mogbekeloluwa,


  1. Nice, nice blog Koye...good to be the one to make the first is indeed beautiful to take a look at what tomorrow looks like...or what you think it looks like, becos God has the final say...

  2. Thanks bookaholic.
    You have no idea how much I appreciate ur comment...
    About the part of what I think tomorrow looks like, I guess I really dont plan to meet HER in an academic summit, could be OAU for all I care. I really am not particular about HER for now, cos I got to work on making the MAN that wants a WOMAN.

  3. now that ur dreams are immortalized and visible for all to see, we wait 2 c ur manifestation. i believe in u bro.cheers

  4. Good writing, keep it up. I thought it had happened :)