Friday, November 05, 2010

MEET THE NEW koyegbeke

Only God and my computer know how many times I have planned to start a consistent column on this blog - because even I have lost count. In most of those cases, I even went on to write the first few articles, only to stop after the very first post - or in some cases two or three. 

There are a lot of excuses I could make, but then the phrase "thou art inexcusable O man" keeps ringing in my head - telling me that in reality I am without reason for the lack of consistency I have displayed in managing this blog. Really, I am sorry for short-changing myself, and the many people who have visited this blog at some point in the past. 

I must go on to give it up for people such as Linda IkejiJeremy Weate'Deolu AkinyemiMyne Whitman and many others like them who manage to keep their blogs alive regardless of their busy schedules, and I must confess that I look forward to the day when I will blog with such consistency. 

Well, I have found that there is one key to getting things done, and that is to go on and do them regardless of whatever stands in the way. There are other things to be done, such as creating a reward system for objectives accomplished and becoming accountable to someone, but the first step is to JUST DO! 

After much thinking, I have come up with a new plan to reposition 'Good to Great' as a foremost Internet brand. 

Every week - on specific days, I will post three articles that will loosely fall into one of the following categories: 

Hi-Tech Solutions to everyday problems in Nigeria: I have found that I do have a WILD imagination. At different times, I have come up with ideas such as flying chairs (I was about 5 years old then o!), a driving license like an ATM card (the first post will explore this) and other oftentimes funny solutions to everyday problems in Nigeria. 

Reflections on the Nigerian Polity / State of the Nation: this is the part I like. I love Nigeria, and I think about her a lot. Most of my writing on this blog so far has been targeted at Nigeria, and I really would love to continue with that and take it a tad more serious. 

Personal Development / Freestyle: yes, there are the days when I want to write about how much I dislike dogs, how much I love General Electric and Jack Welch, and stuff like that - and this category is meant for such posts! 

Yes, I still love to write stories and when I do write them, they will get posted on my other blog, - with links to them from here. 

Ok, this here is a good start. Three months from now, I should have 36 posts! Sounds like a lot of work!!! 

Let's do this, shall we?


  1. Sounds like fun especially the Hi Tech solutions, I come up with some wild ideas sometimes too. LOL...

  2. @Myne Whitman, thanks for dropping by... Looking forward to reading about some of your wild ideas o...

  3. Yay!! Welcome back Koye. I look forward to reading your posts and your wild imagination:)

    True true. Yup the key is to start by "Just doing".

  4. hey,I LOVE THE NEW LOOK!!!! A reward system for objectives accomplished sounds like a very good idea....welldone.